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my tumbler shows who i am. and what i want to be.
Your a muggle Maddie

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Anonymous said: If I could tell you this to your face, I would. You deserve that much, at the very least. But I have no other way of being able to tell you this except here. You are an awful individual. Physically, you may look fine. I am not attacking your appearance at all. But your personality seeps through and makes it difficult to see you for other than what you truly are; an ugly person. You were heinous to people I am close with. I truly hope your change your ways.

Oh….well it would be cool if I knew who this was so YOU can actually tell me other than anonymous telling me. Idk what I’ve done to hurt you or whoever your sticking up for but I’m sorry, but I will say that I am an Awesome friend I care very deeply about my friends and there feelings I’m not saying that I’m a perfect friend and I’ve made mistakes and I regret them all the time. I can say that I am 100% not an ugly person inside I’m the nicest person you will ever meet and I’m suprised that I even got this. The amount of shit I’ve gone threw this year is unbelievable and I hope no one has to go thew what I have but I have great friends that love me and care for me that’s all I need.


We Are Survivors